About the Winemaker



Martin Siebert is a winemaker from Victoria's Yarra Valley with a love of cool climate wines. 

Martin's "day job" is as winemaker at Tokar Estate in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Before talking on this role, he learnt the science of winemaking through a wine science degree at Charles Sturt University and learnt the art of winemaking by working with some of the best winemakers around Australia, New Zealand and France. These include Benjamin Leroux (Burgundy), Pegasus Bay (New Zealand) and Yarra Yering in the Yarra Valley.

“Burgundy in particular taught me a huge amount about the importance of the vineyard site and how the wines should speak of where they were grown. Great wines can only be made from great sites, so with First Foot Forward I am sourcing fruit from sites that I think can deliver some of the most interesting wines in the Yarra.

The wines are made with a very light touch, occasionally needing a gentle nudge to keep it on track but my role as winemaker is to nurse the wine through its natural transition from grape to wine, then bottle it."