The Patch Vineyard


First Foot Forward sources fruit from The Patch Vineyard, a unique site lovingly tended by owner Jody Dawson, on the high southern edge of the Yarra Valley.

This three acre site sits amongst the houses of the picturesque township of The Patch in the Dandenong Ranges. With an elevation a little over 300m, The Patch is consistently a few degrees cooler and wetter than the Yarra Valley floor.

The Patch Vineyard has a steep east facing orientation, capturing the cool morning sunlight whilst avoiding the hot afternoon sun. The reduced hours of sunlight slows the ripening of the fruit, ensuring ample time for flavour development at moderate alcohol levels.

The vines are now mature, deep rooted and dry grown, producing an average of 1.5 tonnes per acre of small bunches. The resultant wines tend to be subtle, delicate and balanced.